Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Girls Weekend 09

I feel bad for anyone that doesn't have my friends.........My high school friends meet up once a year and have the greatest weekend ever. Spas, shops, dinner, movies, pedi's, messages, you name it........we stay up till 4am and laugh and cry, we have been through some amazing things together and I love them all to death.......
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Latest Projects

So this is what I have been up to lately..........Back to projects
I think like many of you I get on a kick of wanting to accomplish some fun homemade things, We have been needing some job charts in the house....I printed these 11x14 like pictures so we can write their jobs in and erase with dry erase markers.....they are actually pretty big. But I'll tell you what the kids are far it's working and we haven't even started

This is a corkboard I saw in michaels and just had to have, my friend Megan and I stayed up till midnight finishing them, so fun, and it will look great in Madi's room

Monday, October 19, 2009

Mountain Home AFB

Last Weekend Oct. 16-18th, Russ and I had the opportunity to fly quickly to Idaho to be with the Brown family. Tom, Russ's brother is getting deployed for about 8 months or so. We had a great get together. His sister Shelly had a dinner catered and we were able to watch football, soccer and just visit. We had a great time.
Tom We are really going to miss you.......and be safe..........
The Browns are a great family and we love them all to pieces........

Russ's Accident

Before I begin you need to know Russ is ok......

As many of you know Russ was in a horrible accident Saturday the 10th of October. At about 1245 he was heading back from getting our trailer up in Northern Utah by Fishlake. It was a 30 foot toy hauler with two four wheelers in it. Which makes a heavy load. The trailer started to fishtale and he coudln't gain control again. The trailer seperated itself from Russ throwing him (in our suv Tahoe) into the median rolling a couple times then down a 20Ft overpass rolling another 4 to 6 times. The pictuers attached show the hill he came down then the big cement columns that were on the road down below to stop him. WHen he stopped he said a prayer and quickly pulled himself out of the sunroof. Others that stopped immediately saw our childrens carseats all over and began to look for children. Russ immediately told them he was alone. (thank heavens no one else would have survived) the crazy thing is he was for sure going to take Tia and last minute decided to leave her. I thank Heavenly Father hourly that she didn't go and that Russ is ok and a true miracle. The cops couldn't believe he was the driver when they got there, he was sitting outside the vehicle calling 911 himself. They truly couldn't believe he survived. They also mentioned that that vehicle helped save his life, it's big and strong, though I loved my car very much it was a great trade, I will buy a vehicle just like it to prove my gratitude (and love for it)hee hee, Needless to say Russ is doing wonderful, he is up and at it and you wouldn't believe it ever happened. I know that this was a blessing for me alone. I couldn't have lived with out him. Thanks to all of your prayers, we know they are with us each day. I owe my Heavenly Father big.......

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Be sure to go down to the right and turn my music off while you watch this.................hee hee hee

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Perfect Pictures By ERIN

I seriously have the cutest kids BUT.........It takes an amazing photographer to capture what Erin did... She truly is Wonderful. Her name Erin Fonnesbeck. Website is I couldn't be more please with these pictures. Thanks a bunch Erin......
My favorite things about this little man is his hands.. I asked Erin to take this picture. What may seem funny to some of you is one of my most prized possesions. I bet one day these hands fix my fence and faucet under the sink.....Love you Bubba

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Twins Birthday VISIT!!!!

I CAN HONESTLY SAY.....what would I do without these TWINS.....
Man I love them....We have so much fun...Their birthday is next weekend and a little
busy for all three of us so we celebrated this past weekend. We shopped and ate and laughed and laughed. Madison had a soccer game on Saturday so we got to watch her play, then we hung out with the kids most of the morning and then took off for every store in Vegas.
UNTIL NEXT YEAR.........It is so hard to see them leave, Tia cried and cried it's amazing how
hard it is when your kids get so attached to their Aunts... Love you Gals.