Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Family Pictures!!!

Thank Goodness for GOOD photographers. My sister in Law Megan is an amazing one. Over Christmas Break she took these pictures of our family. She even used my camera, not studying it more than two minutes she took these great pictures. She is awsome..........thanks Meg.......

Thursday, January 13, 2011

San Fransisco....NO BOYS ALLOWED!!!!!

This post is late, but cannot go without it.......If pictures can express feelings you will see why I must post this......

Welcome to one of the GREATEST weekends of my life....If I have to go without my spouse that is........My sisters and mother in San Fransisco in December= FABULOUS
Picture of kari and I crossing the Golden Gate, OH wow and there is Kaeli
We obviously took tons of pictures of us in the room...in hats...new coats....
DEPRESSING, coming home.....
Just outside of our hotel room, SOOO FUN, we laughed ate out, laughed, spent money, changed outfits, took pictures, ate......SPENT A LOT MORE MONEY.....called home...thanked our hubbies and laughed
A drunk lady took this picture(above) you should see the rest, we are all cut off and some upside down.....you never know what your gonna find in San Fran
I took this picture for RUSS.......Thank you Hun, for letting me go and have a blast, while you watched over the kids and house...Your the best...kiss kiss
WE tried taking pictures of all the up and down roads, also we all took a picture by the pole, some turned out hilarious, but wanted to give you a glimpse...this is me and my sister in law Marianne, Bo's wife. We love her so much and only wish Megan Brons wife could have joined us....We have been so blessed with sister in laws. We love you gals.
OK so this huge mirror was in our motel, right outside our room, before we hit the elevators, so daily before going out we took a group shot.....obviously I'm holding the camera ever day, hence the bright spot in my hand.
This was the crazy girls giggly night, changed hats and facial poses and continued to take more and more pictures of us being silly....be glad I am only posting a couple pictures...
I love my sisters more than life itself.......Thanks Mom