Sunday, September 27, 2009

Injuries, 2 ER trips in One WEEK

*****OK so I haven't blogged for a while and it's not cause things aren't happening around here that's for sure.......****
Russ and I have been trainning for a triathlon in Oct. Well I was out on my bike and biffed it bad, like full on bike flipped, I walked back to my house and realized my wrist hurt BAD, so I took myself to the ER (Russ out of town) and there were just a couple small fractures but still hurt dang bad, needless to say my training has been put on a hault. This was on Saturday.

The Following Friday I took Koda in the Dr. for a Rash, my wrist check up and Tia has bumps and a bad toe we needed checked. I ran over her toe with a shopping cart full of sand about two weeks ago. Her big toenail feel off and I wanted to check her for infection. This trip was good, everyone healing correctly.

THEN, the next day Saturday, My little Koda Bear, Wild and wooly little boy was doing nothing wild as usual but feel off the couch and cut his eye on the window seal and sure enough....Back to the ER for stitches. Holy Cow, luckily Russ hadn't got to Priesthood meetings yet and took Koda for me. I guess I should just be greatful we have insurance cause this could have been one expensive week for us. I am grateful but it's amazing how some weeks can just be hard..........

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Last Hurrah's

***WEll we have definately had a great summer, and now we are ready to stay home for a while****
We took one last trip on the mountain(fishlake), rode four wheelers and enjoyed Mother Nature, the kids love the mountains so much and actually who doesn't.  powell15
Hancock Flat (above) my favorite mountain meadow...........
All the kids did a great job trying some new stuff, Koda loved skiing with his dad, Madi wanted to do it herself and got soooooo close to getting up.  NEXT TIME FOR SURE......
Cliff jumping.......climbing sand hill......and more cliff jumping
Dani and I decided to dive........only one of us looks sloppier than the other.....that was a good 20feet folks........kinda scary.....
Dani and Wade thanks for a great time and letting us enjoy Cowboy Up with ya.....
(that is the great given name to their houseboat)