Monday, August 30, 2010

First day of School 2010

school days1
school days3
Madison is in 2nd Grade, Age 7. Mrs. De Le Torres Class. Trust me when I say she was ready for school to begin
school days2
Koda is in Kindergarten (ALL DAY) Age 5 Mrs. Haire. HE love love loved it. He didn't think twice about me leaving him, I don't even think all day was enough for him....
school days4
And don't even think about leaving her out, Tia, Age 3 Going on 18. Miss Mandi's Preschool (that is me of coarse and we don't even start school till next week, but you can bet she was in her new clothes, shoes, lunch made and backpack on like the other kids........SHE is Ready to go as the picture shows......We love our new School....

LUAU......CRAB.......Beach.......Mormon Battalion.......FUN

Well well, it's been a while....but memories have been made....I am trying so hard to keep up on this massive scrapbook journal but it isn't easy. I'm trying so hard to put in the most memorable things so I can soon print books for the kids. This past weekend was one of them for sure. We were invited by Katie and Waki our neighbors that have become Grandparents to CA (where they are from) to watch their nephew (worlds champ in fire dancing) in a Luau. WE HAD A BLAST.....
It Started off with swimming at the motel, always so much fun. IT was Russ and I with our kids, Grandma Marcia and Dani and Wade and their Kids.
Then later that evening we went to the Resort where the Luau was held. It was amazing, Waki's brother is over all the dancers, here, Disneyland and Polynesian Culture Center in Hawaii, they are super talented. Waki danced himself many moons ago. We had a pig roast, Ate the best food ever and watched the dancers.......OH and surprise surprise they called up my mom, dani and I to dance with them......They had it planned the whole time and boy was it a hoot, my mom was actually super good, but Dani and I joked our way through it....
Madi showing off all her Lays.....super cute isn't she
OK this picture above is hilarious, I asked a cute worker there to take our picture, he didn't speak english and well lets just say he cut off half the group, all the kids below
Above: Picture of Quiney Jr. the fire dancer nephew
Waki and his Nephew before the show.....He was amazing
The next morning we went to the Hisoric Mormon Battalion Museum. This was amazing, the kids loved it.
Searching for GOLD.......
Koda holding some of the Battalions Gear.
Later that afternoon we heading over for some crab, this place was unbelievable, Waki helped us pick out our Crab then we went to town eating.........SUPER FRESH...
And of coarse what is a CA trip with out the BEACH, we had a blast.
We just love these two, Katie and Waki Leaitaua. They treat our kids like their own and Russ and I like their kids. We are so greatful to have met them. They both come from amazing backgrounds. They are such hidden treasures that we are so greatful we found. We love you Both.....

REDROCK Hiking............

Hiking Redrock........We love this place, it's like escaping Las Vegas. The kids can run and play, it's so beautiful and even cool in the shade next to the rocks.....Not to mention exercise...