Sunday, January 24, 2010

Family In Town!!!!!!!!!

Dani and Wade brought their kids and came to town. We had a great time. We spent time visiting and playing at our home. We swam in the warm pools at Trendwest Resort downtown. We shopped and shopped and ate and ate. It is so fun when our kids play so well together and us adults can sit and visit. We truly had a great time. Thanks Guys.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Disney On ICE!!!!!!!!!!

**I am sure all of us Mothers share the same memory of when you children
are just loving something they are watching, music playing and you just look
at them and love every minute of it. That is what this night was like.**

Russ thinks I'm nuts, Just last summer at Seaworld When Shamu was jumping,
music was playing and all those emotions are there I was just a bawling. He always wipes my tears and kinda smiles when I know he is thinking, "Is she for Real? What can
I say I am sentimental..........

dieny on ice 1disney on ice2

Friday, January 15, 2010

His Number One Fan!!!!!!!!!

This picture has more to say than you can imagine. There isn't a day Tia isn't there ready to watch Russ Shave. She has been known to ask Russ to get her before he starts shaving. It is amazing, especially when I did the same thing as a child. I mean you can't teach these things to kids and they still pick it up, things you did as a child.

Russ took Tia on a date yesterday, he even bought her a dress while they were out. She hasn't quit talking about it. Russ said it was so worth it cause she gave him a kiss on the cheek. My mom said she will never marry because she will try and find a man like Russ. I guess that is quite the compliment to me. Don't get me wrong he isn't perfect, but Boy is he a Catch....

russ and I
russ and I again

What a month........

OH WOW What a Month.......Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season. We sure did. As you can see below the kids were spoiled and yet had a wonderful Christmas. I have to admit I was pretty much sick the whole break. It started with Absessed tonsils and just went on from there. WE stayed in St. George most of the time and had a great time with family. Between the Wii, four wheelers and Tia's new bike all our time has been filled with these new joyful items. As I look back over this past month I am reminded of the fun this gifts bring along with how time flies. Most of all I have been so hit with the gratitude I have for My Heavenly Father, and my Savior. I feel like I have learned more over this last month that a lifetime and am so grateful for my blessings. My family, My Life.
Aunt Kaeli Teaching Tia about how tape can be used for more than one purpose......
My Parents heated their pool to about 100 degrees over Christmas break and boy did we love it. Believe it or not at times it was even tooo hot....
Joey and TIa, best buddies, they actually have a darling love:hate relationship..