Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hancock Flat Shaheen Camping Trip & 4th July

We started celebrating the 4th about a week prior camping with my family. We camped at Hancock Flat (by fishlake). We were there about a week then on the fourth we went down to Salina for the festivities. We had a BLAST. The kids were free to roam, eat super healthy food, not, never bathe and ride their four wheelers when ever they wanted. What a life....
My mom working and cooking the whole time. She is the greatest. You will not find better dutch oven camping cookers than my parents. Ask anyone....
Aunt Marianne was a hit with glow sticks, playdough, beads and a yummy salad.
The Rough Riders
This was a view of our campsite from a ways away....Sooo Pretty we loved it.
I wanted to get Russ and koda with this beautiful background
Russ and I went on a four wheeling ride, though we fell backwards up a hill and rolled on the way back we found this pretty spring and went back with the kids for a picture
We were sponsered by Robinson Trucking to play in a volleyball tournament in Salina (Thanks Ruger), we were undefeated until the Championship game where we lost two in a row, but whatever here is the winning team...
Don't you worry we won this race but really biffed it at the end while we were celebrating. Good TImes........

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Family Pictures by Raquel Wilbur

Thanks Raquel, you were so wonderful.......the wind really added some character
to some pictures....hee hee. Thank you....