Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bike Riding in Snow Canyon

Our family is big into bike riding right now. This is us getting ready to go with my sister Dani, Kaeli friends and cousins. Koda is riding with out training wheels, we bought him a little bit bigger bike and now we can go out and have fun as a family.  We love it.  We road down the snow canyon trail and had a good time.  Koda got off to a rough start going fast down hill but was a trooper and is an amazing rider now.  People keep  telling us he is the smallest bike rider they have ever seen without training wheels.  He is such a stud.

Madi's soccer and Mamma Mia!!

Madi is our little Soccer star.  Knowing Grandma and Kari were at the game she played out of her head.  She scored three goals and was in all the action.  We were so proud of her.  Their team name is the Flower Power Divas.  Notice the socks and uniforms, if they play like girls it's our fault.  This is the cutest group of girls ever.  We love them all.  

My mom and sisters and friends went to Mamma Mia here in Vegas.  We had a blast.  We went to dinner and the play.  IT is the best ever.  We had a good time with family and friends.  Thanks for coming everyone.  

Koda Bear plays soccer!!!

Well like most of you out there we are in the soccer mode.  Like it or not.  Bubba is doing awsome and is fun to watch.  He scored a goal this last game and thought he was a super star.  At this age I guess that is what they should feel like, we love watching Koda.   Grandma and Kari made it this weekend to watch Koda and Madi, they loved it.  

Saturday, September 13, 2008

ME and My Daddy!!!!!

This little girl (along with her baby sister) see only their DADDY!!! Everyday Russ is home she request he pick her up on his bike.  They get yelled many comments on the way home about how Amazing they look, Russ holding her and riding.  I ran out front the other day and was able to capture them coming home.  She loves this man to death.  A couple months ago my mom and sisters were in town.  We were talking about going to In 'N' Out burger to eat, Madi replied she couldn't go there because that is where her dad takes her on their dates.  She is so dedicated to him she wouldn't even eat there with out him.  SO last Thursday he picked Madi up from school and they went on another date.  It always ends at In n out burger.  Lucky Girl.

P.S. One day Russ carried her bike down to have her ride it home, it was hot and that idea wasn't as big of a hit, she walked in all hot and bothered.
P.P.S.  Koda wanted Russ to hold him and ride and she was upset, she said that is only for them.  WHAT HAVE I CREATED???  I am nothing like her!!!!!!!!  Love you too daddy.....