Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy HaLLoween 2010

We had a fabulous Halloween, thanks to all our friends and family who helped make it so memorable.....

DisNEYlaND October 2010

Why does this Place have to be sooooo fun........We went with Dani and her family and had a blast of always is that much more fun when there are no lines and you get right on and off every ride........

Now that is a bunch of Mad Hatters.....look at Madi's eyes......hee hee



So TIA, was the most ideal 3year old at Disneyland this year. She would stand out in the middle of the streets with her arms wide open and expect the characterst to come to her.......and some did, she would run across streets and but in line in front of others and sure enough they would accept her.....She loved the characters. I mean loved them. She would keep telling us she just wanted them to hold her.....Like pick her up......Oh my she was fun....

Fun with Cuzins at the Park!!!! cousin Shadoe and I decided to take the kids to Floyd Lamb Park, let me them play and chase the animals and us maybe catch a shot or two of them.....They are such great friends and we had a fabulous day....Thanks Guys