Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Baby is 3!!!!!!!!

tias3 birthdaytia3bday1tia3bday2
Happy Birthday my little SideKick...............
It's been a while since her, but I would be awful if I didn't give her a tribute..
After all she RUNS OUR LIFE....
TIA is a clean freak, she owns toys but never plays with them....they sit perfectly in her room
Tia ADORES, ADORES ADORES her Dad, afterall they do look alike
Tia, has Madi and Koda to watch all day so she seriously is ahead of her age
Tia, has a smile that makes your day, and she loves to brush so that really helps her smile too
Tia loves to laugh and play, talk on cell phones, play with laptops and ipods, NOW doesn't she sound like a three year old
WE LOVE YOU TIA, Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!