Monday, August 25, 2008

Fist Day of Kindergarten!!!!!!!

Woah!!! What mixed emotions, I am so happy she is excited, I truly wish I was..  Ya know they get to an age where they are so fun to be around then Bam they are the ones that leave, the good helper of the bunch..   When the bell rang I went to grab Madi off the playground and low and behold she was over to her classroom walking in the door.  Needless to say she wasn't to sad to see me go.   WATCH OUT KINDERGARTEN!!!!!!!!

As many have commented this is my little Poser.  Wow she loves it, but what I love is how the whole family wanted to wear new stuff because Madi did on this big day.  So we got Koda some new stuff out and of Coarse Miss Tia, to be honest I felt left and and went right down town and picked me out a new outfit.  It's like Christmas an excuse to buy and we buy it all.  PJ's (pictured below), socks, underwear, q-tips, washrags you name it.  What an ordeal this is.  

For the most part I am glad this day is over, we have lived it many a times in our minds.  It's just kindergarten for heavens sake.  Do you really think I will let my little Bubba serve a mission?  Please no comments to that. 

On a serious Note Russ gave both Kiddos fathers blessings to start school.  Towards the end of Madi's I looked at her sitting there arms folded and two big crocadile tears streaming down her face, I nearly died, then her and Russ hugged forever and she sat their silently bawling.  I will never in my life forget that moment.  I know she was so full of the spirit.  I'm proud of you Madi your the daughter I dreamed for.       

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Koda Bear Hits the Field!!!!!!!

This little man is the funnest boy a mom could have.  He started soccer early this week, and boy is he fun to watch.  When we first showed up for soccer the boys started playing and kicking.  Koda was just being himself kicking, and threw the ball in over his head (in soccer the correct way).  His coach was sitting with a bunch of us parents and just said, " Is he for real?".  She loved his athletic ability and attitude.  I would have to agree he is a RIOT.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Camping We Will Go

Well I think this might be one of our last get aways this summer.  Camping at Cold Creek.  We had a great time in the cool weather out with all the creatures we found.  We parked and rode the four wheeler up to a fun camp site.  One our trip we saw, wild mustags, deer, rabbits, lizards(pictured below)and bugs.  The kids love camping above all things.  We have had a wonderful summer and we are actually glad it's over.  Time to stay home a while and start school.  Madi starts the end of the month and Koda the first of next month.  We are happy and sad.  We actually still talk about taking Madison out till next year.  Dang, it seems so hard to let them go.  She is such a big help and Koda is going to miss her like crazy.  OH well, time goes on.  

Monday, August 4, 2008

Daytona Beach, Florida

We just had the greatest week ever with Russ's family on the beaches of Florida, the weather was amazing and company even better.  The kids swam about 7 hours a day and slept well at night.  We had fun with all the family, swimming laughing and just being together.  One night we took the kids to Sea World, Shamu is still their favorite.  Mine Too.  We are so grateful for a great family.  Thanks Everyone.


We don't see these cousins that often, but they hit it off so well, Tyler is Koda's age and they are so cute together.  

Madison is a great body boarder, there were even times I had to wave her in from being clear out to sea!!!!!!!

The Kids bowling with cousins, Dallon, Sarah, Madi, Koda, Tyler and Brittany, we are going to miss all our cousins like crazy................