Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter Fun 2011

We had a superb Spring Break combined with Easter fun in St. George. We rode up to Snow Canyon for a picnic and montain climbed, combined with a little baseball. The kids always have so much fun. We were joined by my mom and dad, Dani, Wade and kids.
These two are a riot, the were checking tires and chaines.....
Below: Saturday morning Cam and Michelle Kelsh invited us over with her siblings, Buck, Kari, Dani, Wade and the kids. We had a fabulous Easter egg hunt. The kids enjoyed every second of it.

There were hidden eggs all over the yard, and many in the pool. The pool eggs had rocks in them so they could sink. Once the kids brought a pool egg to Dani and Michelle they got to pick a prize. They were so excited, it kept the older kids kinda busy in the pool so the younger ones could focus on candy eggs in the yard. Actually very clever.
And of coarse the men and kids had their Chicken fights, we aren't sure who had more fun, the kids or Dads......
Actually maybe it was these two....Dani and Kari
Collecting the prizes.....
Thanks a lot Kelsch's..........Happy Easter Everyone.......

Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Kids, My Joy!!!!

It seems like just lately more than ever our kids have made us so proud. Doing little things here or there to make us realize some things we are doing must be working. Here are just a couple, they have shared with us. I love these kids with all my heart.


Madi is getting ready to be baptized in July, she is super excited. We have been talking a lot about it and preparing. The other day at dinner she looked at Russ and I and proceeded to tell us that she asked Zoie a school friend to come to her baptism. We were so proud of her. She then took her an invite for a primary activity. About a week later again at the dinner table she tells us that she asked Zoie (non member) if she wanted to be baptized. Russ and I had this canning ability to act calm though kicking each other under the table. She said her friend Zoie said, "Madi I just don't know that is a really big step for me". I am so proud of her. What an example. She has asked more people to be baptized than I have. We love you Madi. Keep it up.

Koda Bear

This little Boy is just flat out fun. Kindergarten has been his missing link, all day kindergarten that is. His teacher is the other link. We have had a fabulous year. Koda came home from school the other day, told me his teacher said to look me in the eye and tell me something. So I stopped and bent over looking at him. He grabbed me by the hand and said, Mrs. Haire (teacher) said to tell you, your the luckiest mom on earth to have me as a son. ARE YOU SERIOUS. Isn't that adorable. He gets shining example so much in class, that is their behavorial incentive, gets it so much that when HE DOESN'T we get after him. At first we thought all kids got them everyday then we found out they don't we nearly died, Koda seriously gets it four out of five days a week. HE is a STUD....I love you little Man...


Where do I begin with Miss Tia, she is currently helping me team teach our preschool class. She is supose to be a student but loves to take over. The other day I was asking her about a friend and why she was crying. Tia had just told me a long story about this gal and so I proceeded to ask now why was she crying. She looked at me with the most sincere look on her face and said, "Mom I have no I Clue???? I seriously couldn't hold it in, " No I Clue" is that adorable. My family still laughs. She is so much fun, and will be even more fun in a few months when she grows out of this little bossy stage she is in:)...........Tia I can't live without you.....