Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lake Powell 2010

lake powell blogpowell2
Koda did such a great job kneeboarding, this was his frist time...Good Job Bubba.....

Our Tough Dad throwing the kids in the water
The Bobsie Twins...These two have so much fun together we could watch them for hours..

Dani and Wade, thanks for taking us on a great trip guys, love you tons

Getting ready for the slots hike, it was so beautiful

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy Memorial

Including my wonderful Husband
After our Picnic with friends at Lamb Park we later that evening
went juming on the Taylors tramp in their house.....
Thanks to all of our friends who made this a great day...

We will miss our friends Dearly.......


Rock Painting

One of our last days home before our great summer adventure began we were bored waiting for our Lake Powell trip to begin. SOOOO we decided to go on a rock hunt. Each one of the kids looked for the greatest rock. Tia actually got the biggest and nicest. Then we came home and painted them. It was some good fun, especially if your super bored. They actually turned out really cute....

Madison Painted this Penguin, (still laying sideways) sorry..