Sunday, February 22, 2009

2 Weeks of FUN

we have sure had a couple weeks of fun........
and yes i would love to share some with you....
although i did leave my laptop in Cedar City Utah....
so I will tell you about it and post pictures later. It all started playing in St. George while Russ and Koda went up to the State Wrestles. He and Koda watched our nephews Mitch and Brock who did very well at State. Great Job Boys, Mitch took first and Brock Third.
From there we met some friends from Omaha at Disneyland for a couple days. We had the best time ever. Thanks Perrows. There is nothing better than seeing your kids so happy with friends. Disney was not busy so the lines were short and our neighbor got us in Free, what could be better. thanks Leiatua's.
We then came home for two days and took off again. Dani and Wade watched the kids while Russ and I went with Craig and Julie (cousins) to Briand head for a few days riding snowmobiles, sitting in Hot Tubs, playing games, Eating yummy food and Hot Chocolate. We HAD SO MUCH FUN..thanks Craig and Julie, Dani and Wade. What a fun time...... We have made some fun memories these last two weeks and been with people we love. I am so grateful for the time.....................and had a blast with my hubby.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

and another!!!!

  I think I am going to start a blog of my Digital scrapbooking pages so you all don't have to see how creative I am getting,  unless of coarse you would like to ........ it's so much fun, yet time consuming.  I stay up so late playing with photoshop I have made myself totally sick.  Head ache, snuffy nose, soar throat and plugged ears.  No Joke.  I need to prioritize things.  BUT again way FUN.
Family 2 560

Tuesday, February 3, 2009