Tuesday, July 21, 2009

NEW YORK CITY......................

What can I say.......Russ and I just went on a great Get Away........No kids, that was good and bad, missed them like crazy yet ran our guts out and couldn't have done it with kiddos.  We saw the yankees play........Spent a full day in Palymra catching all the church history sites including sealings in the temple.  This was amazing, my favorite was the Bookstore the Book of Mormon was first printed in.  Then that night watched the Hill Cumorah Pageant. (below)
We were with my brother Bron and his wife Megan the whole trip and had such an amazing time with them.  Thanks Guys.
I had to take this picture with spider-man for my son Koda, the picture below is on the top of the Empire State Building,  HOLY COW, I loved this along with seeing the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island it was all amazing....
Megan and I hit Broadway and watched Little Mermaid,  sooooo good. Then met up with the boys here in Time Square. The picture below says it all, this was as outstanding as you would think, I suggest you all visit this holy place..
We went into Canada, ate at the restaurant that rotates 360 degrees and watched the falls, this was a beautiful romantic night, Megan and I walked through central park and hit the Met. museum while the boys tried to catch batting practice at yankee stadium...

This was truly amazing trip, New York is just what I expected................Fun.....Busy.......Crazy......Noisy........

New York New York

While in New York my sister in law Megan and I messed with some posing and photography.  This is my little neice Lilly, (Bron and Megans Little girl), she was so prescious and adorable the whole time, this is one of many sleeping poses.
Russ and I were just having fun by the railroad tracks and Meg got some fun shots, 
I wish I would have had some kids there for some good pictures......dang

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Delta for the 4th!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy 4th of July................ and we can't imagine having a fourth without Delta Ut.  This is our second year in a row there and we love it......
Cousins galore.....
This year my family and some friends played in a volleyball tournament, it was so dang much fun, we played till midnight and actually did better than we expected....
The kids loved the Parade as always, they get ooooooooodles of candy and as you can see below our favorite is when the kids get in with the fish and try and catch them.....this is a riot to watch
They even have a kids parade, so all the kids rode their scooters and bikes...it was so cute
And last but not least is the RES, many fun times here, thanks to all that made it such a good fourth of July and see you next year........