Thursday, September 30, 2010

A week Away!!!!!!!!

Russ and I just had the greatest Week of our lives........Seriously.....Our good friends Michelle and Cam Kelsh invited us to the Soft opening of their newest Fitness Ridge Spa that joined with Biggest Loser in Malibu CA. It was amazing.....

We ate 1200 calories a day and worked out up to 7 hours a day. The food was amazing, prepared by a magnificant chef.
We hiked two hours every morning in the amazing mountains of Malibu. GEORGEOUS. This is where we took all the pictures, I obviously didn't take my camera in the pool, or workout rooms.
above: Cam took us to the Biggest Loser Ranch one evening, it was about 6 miles away from the resort, we thought it would be cool to weigh in......
Me in Dr. H's Office medical room......
Russ and I with Cam and Kade.....Kade and Russ got pretty close on this trip, he now calls Russ Grandpa, were not sure why but it stuck....
Us with Daris, this kid is a stud. One of our new best friends. We seriously became pretty close to him, he was in our group and so fun. He was on Season 9, Lost tons of weight, we couldn't believe it. Russ and I had never watched the show so after meeting him we went back and looked it up on line. HOLY COW, the next morning I gave him a big hug. Couldn't believe him before...Michael and Danny former winners where there with us also. Cool Guys. What Will power...
Me trying to relax before the pool class starts, trust me it looks relaxing but was pretty tense.
This was our cabin we stayed in. They were adorable. Cozy and Cool. Such a beautiful atmosphere. We want to go back.
This was us right after check in. This was our ticket to success. We had a fabulous time, thanks Kaeli for staying with our kiddos, they had a blast at home. Thanks Cam and Michelle, we loved our week away......

Monday, September 27, 2010

Kaeli is Nanny for a week!!!!!!!!!!

Russ and I left for a week. We went to fitness ridge/biggest loser resort spa in Malib CA. While we were gone Kaeli watched the kids, had a fabulous week and posted the below on her blog......Thanks Kaeli

Our Glorious Week

My sister and her husband took of to Malibu for a week at the spa. I however had the privlidge of watching the kidos. It has been fun, eventfull and challenging all at the same time. I only say challenging because I am 15 weeks pregnant and the energy just isn't all here. Everytime I took a sit on the bean bag to watch a movie the door rang continuously of little ones wanting to play...which is great....but the stairs (up and down up and down) are just a little to tough to be packing extra weight. While Madi and Koda are at school Tia does good to hang out and chill and take naps...but she still wants to have more fun than i'm capable at this point. She is such a help though. They have all been so good and we had a fun week.

Monday Funday
The kids were lucky and got to spend an extra day at Grandmas which meant no school on Monday for them and then we stayed up a little later than usual to watch Charlotte's Web.

Tuesday Bluesday
We all wore blue and when they came home from school there was a big bag of blue candy waiting. Probably not the best idea but they were thrilled. :)

Wednesday Spendsday
We played long and hard outside and then went and blew all our money mom and dad left on McDonalds. Yum yum yum!!

Thursday...oh nothing rhymed with Thursday so we didn't really celebrate anything too special or take a special picture. They still had fun and played hard though.

Oh and this...this happened every day. First Tia would read to me (making it all up of course which was hilarious) and finally she'd fall asleep. She understands that because I'm pregnant I'm tired and hungry a lot. I hope her parents don't come back to a butterball Tia that is 2x the size she used to be. I eat every two hours which means so does she and she's a good little eater. I'll finish before she does. She'll sit there politely and quietly until she finishes, put her dish in the sink and then come find me with her hand full of treats.
Nap Time...mainly for me but I had company