Thursday, May 21, 2009

Smarty Pants Preschool Graduation!!!!

Well Some of you may know, I taught Preschool this year which means I obviously taught my son Koda.  We had such a fabulous year.  I have loved every child, my assistant Nanette and every minute of it.  Thanks to all my Wonderful students and parents. 
koda grad5
I named it Smarty Pants and that is just what they were, these kids were such a highlight every Tues and Thur. we were together.  Man I love those kids.
koda grad2
koda grad 1
Koda was adorable and loves his classmates..........
koda grad3
Gradutation was tonight, the kids did great and we had a wonderful turnout
koda grad4
Thanks TONS AND TONS to my Friend:  Miss Nanette, she is also what made this year so great for me.  Love ya Tons.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So this past friday I got a package in the mail, it was from my good friend Myndee Larsen. She wan't going to be able to see us this year and wanted to send the kids something. In each of these cute bags were the cutest sunglasses ever and a little camera. By the pictures below (kids right out of bed) you will see they were so dang excited. They wore them ALL DAY LONG....Thanks Myndee. Your the Best.
as if that wasn't enough.....
my great friend Katie surprised me while I was gone for the weekend by turning one of my green plants into a beautiful masterpiece.........I love it and it was such a great surprise.
The next day.......
she helped me fix up my hanging plants... wow I have the best friends.  
Thank you so muchfriends4

KaELi's BriDAl ShOwER!!!!!!

This has been a long awaited day.......ONE OF THE TWINS, is getting married.  Some of their amazing friends and SISTERS hosted her a bridal shower.  Thanks to all that helped it was a huge success;;;;;;;;;;
kaels shower 5
cupcakes in the making..........
kaels shower 6
kaels shower 7
Me and Kaeli,  love ya sis........
kaels shower3
YUMMY, Delicious, BEAUTIFUL Cake Pops...........YUM
kaels shower1
kaels shower2
kaels shower 4
Kaeli we had a great time, we wish you the happiest life ever!!!
Man I am so grateful for my sisters,,,,,,I love you all sooo much....

Monday, May 18, 2009

Random Things!!!

We have definately been busy............... Over the next couple days I hope to get majorly caught up with my blog.  To start things off Our little Madi lost her first tooth.  Man what an emotional thing, this means another milestone come and gone.  She was so thrilled to have the toothfairy actually come and leave her money, I mean think about it who wouldn't love that............
may blog1
We took our first trip to the lake.........I actually was so excited I forgot my camera so this is the only proof I have.  Tia loves her goggles and knows just how to wear them.  THIS should definately stop the water from hurint her eyes??????
may blog 2
may3 blog
Next..............Russ has been in some training which means he wears his "BLUES" instead of his flight suit, we all just sat and starred at him he looked so good.  There is something to say about a man in uniform.   EXSPECIALLY THIS GUY
may blog4
I was honored to be a Chaperone at Madi's fieldtrip last week.  We went to the Springs Preserve here in Las Vegas.  WE had a great time.  I love watching how my kiddo does in a classroom and group setting.  She loves little critters and animals.  We had a great time.

Friday, May 1, 2009

StrAWbErrY JaM!!!!!!!

Yummy Yummy, Well lets just say I have some friends that have gotten me out of my comfort zone lately, LIKE:  Making Jam and Strawberry Pies.  WOAH!!!! AND I have loved every minute of it.  Thanks Becca and Katie.  4 making me a homemaker!!! HEE 
The Kids had a great time helping us, and taste-testing. 
(Madison, Brinley, Tia and Koda)