Tuesday, April 14, 2009

HOly EaStEr!!!!!!!!!!!

Talk about a GREAT spring break and Easter.  We had the best ever...
We celebrated at home prior to Easter so Russ could be with us, they went on a wild treasure hunt and definatley found treasures.......
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easter 6

My Parents neighborhood is soo much fun.  They had a huge Easter Egg hunt.  All the 
nighbors and cousins had a blast.  3 Legged Races and the cake walk were a hit
mainly because KODA and I WON

The above picture is from the Walmart Egg hunt, these three sat talking about which eggs they were going to get first.  What a race it was....
Another Fun Activity we started is planting grass, we were gone for a week then came home to 
MAJOR GRASS....it is so fun, we have grass growing everywhere we even cut it with the 
scissor and it just keeps growing
We played at the park with cousins and got some great pictures, Koda was loving the rock 
climbing and Tia and Joey and Nicholas stuck to the slides......
All the neices were in a photo shoot for Aunt Kaeli's Bridals.  Pettiskirs
everywhere.  They were darling.  EXCEPT when Tia didn't want
anymore pictures, I wanted to beat her but it was a 
little Chilli.  I got some cute pictures of Madison Though, My friend Myndee
with appreciate these of her.....she loves her poses........
Easter 13

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


SOOO, this is what Russ and I did over the weekend.  PROJECTS, I love getting things checked of the TO DO LIST:  I bought this side table for Kodas Room and new furniture, it was $2.  We stained and sanded like crazy, it's going to look great with his furniture. 
side table
side benches
I have had these two cute benches for years, they were finally done for.  So My friend Becca gave me this cute fabric and we recovered the two stools.  They look tons better.  Thanks Becca!!