Monday, June 30, 2008

Mommy Poppins

OK so is this the best idea or what???????? I was invited by some gals in my ward to be a part of "Mommy Poppins".  Once a week or if something fun comes up this group is emailed and does some of the cutest things.  Last week they all met at a park and had a fourth of July parade. Wagons and bikes decorated along with all the kids and they had their own parade. Today we went to Little Pastry Chefs, the kids rolled, cut and decorated their own cookies.  It is such a darling idea, I love it.  There are about 20 or so moms, I have met some darling girls.  It is just a good way to find out some great things to do in the area and always have friends.  Maybe you should start one?????

Friday, June 20, 2008

My Koda Bear

Soooo the other day we were in St. George at my parents house, the kids were playing with their cousins Tylei and Jaden.  My Aunt Sheila drove into town and my kids don't see them that often.  When she pulled up she was talking to Koda and asked his name.  
"Koda Bear", he said.  "Oh that is so cute, she replied.  Now is your real name Da-Koda, He simply look at her and said,"Yea and pointing to his cousin Jaden said this is Da-Jaden." We laughed so hard.  The truth is I don't know if he really knows still his name is Dakoda.  What a cutie!!!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Warm Springs Slideshow

Little Miss Madi turned 5 on the 17th.  She had a great day.  We had a fun party with great friends at Peter Piper Pizza, Thanks to all that came and made it a fun day for her.  She said it was the greatest day ever.  Madi has such a zeal for life and we are so grateful for her.  It is hard to believe how quick these little ones are growing.  I truly can't believe it's time for Kindergarten.  A new chapter begins...............

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Russ your the greatest!!!!! Thanks for such an awsome birthday

He spoils me, he got me and my sisters and mom a friend to watch the kids, he came home early with an aloe vera plant ( I have had such dry feet), money for a pedicure, facial, and a new camera lens for my Nikon.  He is the best and I am so grateful for him.  Love you Mister.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

WERE BACK!!!!!!  So I guess some of you have noticed I haven't updated my blog lately.  I got that by all the hate mail.  Man its amazing how many people are counting on each other through blogging.  We first of all moved in a house then took off for about three weeks on and off, we starting by flying to Colorado and meeting up with the Smith's our greatest friends from Omaha.  Russ ran in the Boulder Boulder run and kicked butt, we had a blast.  Thanks Meg and Dev and the smith family.  Those pictures won't work for some reason.  Sorry

From there we tried to take some pictures of the kids and the girls in their cute skirts, you will see those pictures randomly below.  The kids were darling and becoming such good posers.  They love the camera.  As you will see.  

We spent a Saturday at Sand Hollow having so much fun with family.  The kids are starting to love riding the tube, they played so well with cousins and love love love the sand.  Tia begged to ride the Wave Runner every time it landed.  She is our wild one.  OK they all are.  They are swimming so well we can't believe it and eveyone thinks they need to jump in and save their lives.  They truly are swimming across pools like real swimmers and no lifejackets or anything.  We are proud of them.

Another picture below is me and my mom and some sisters, they came up to Vegas to celebrate my birthday, the big 32, holy cow, we went shopping, and to dinner downtown and had a blast.  Thanks everyone and mainly my hubby I had an awsome birthday, and thanks to him my pictures will be even better, with my new camera lens.  Yahoo.  

And as for the rest of the pictures there is one of Koda with goggles above his head, he has worn them like this for 4 days straight.  They have not left his body, I wonder if he thinks they are sunglasses but they are now apart of his head.  It is hilarious, and then Miss Madi got a hair cut, we love it, she is so dang adorable and this new haircut fits her.